You're sick of yourself being overly considerate.

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"I learned not to trust people; I learned not to believe what they say but to watch what they do; I learned to suspect that anyone and everyone is capable of ‘living a lie’. I came to believe that other people - even when you think you know them well - are ultimately unknowable."
- Lynn Barber (via psych-facts)


"If you can see a future without me and that doesn’t break your heart then we’re not doing what I thought we were doing here."
- That 70’s Show (via temperare-te)


"It’s only when you become lonely that you begin questioning your existence."
- I shoudn’t even be on this planet (via senbeiii)

(元記事: hugsareuniversal (shinsaから))

"It’s okay, I saw it coming"
- (via yoursixwordstory)


"You brave, brave thing.
One day, you’re going to
stop leaving the door open
for people who only know how
to keep leaving."
- Yasmin Z, We’re All Still Learning (via larmoyante)

"I tried, I tried, I tried, and I’m trying"
- (via dykays)